Tapping for Parents

A 4 week online program

Empower yourself and empower your children

  • Use the simple self-help tool of EFT/Tapping to address issues you face as a parent.
  • Empower your kids with EFT/Tapping to give them the confidence and self-esteem to face any challenges in their day.

Join us for an hour of peace and wellbeing as we guide you through Tapping every Wednesday for 4 weeks.  Feel the difference in yourself not only during and immediately following the sessions (clinical studies show that just 1 hour of Tapping in a group session lowers cortisol levels by 43%!), but in your parenting as you implement Tapping in your everyday life with your children.

This 4 week program will equip you with the skill to “Tap” away any life stressors to find peace and clarity quickly and easily.  Not only does this support you in your parenting, but there will also be a focus on how to support your children to incorporate Tapping into their everyday life too.

Who is this program suitable for?

  • Parents with children of any age.
  • Parents who experience stress or anxiety, or have children who experience stress or anxiety.
  • Parents of children with ASD, ADHD, or neurodivergence.
  • Parents facing any challenges in their parenting journey.
  • Parents of children facing any challenges in their life.

What we’ll cover:

Week 1:               Releasing Your Own Doubts and Fears as Parents in Today’s World
It’s natural for parents to want the best for their children. We might not be able to resolve the challenging issues of the world, but we can find peace and clarity within ourselves despite all that’s going on. We’ll suggest some strategies, guide you through a Tapping experience, and provide you with a copy of our Tapping script that you can adapt to address your specific concerns.

Week 2                Keeping the Lines of Communication Open
Conscious, loving and open discussions are a vital part of your relationships with your children.  It’s important to keep the lines of communication open to help you to really know and understand your children and for them to know they can trust you. In this session we’ll Tap to clear anything that might be blocking this now or in the future. The Tapping script we use during this session will be yours to keep.

Week 3:               Empower Yourself and Your Kids with Self Love, Confidence and Resilience
We all want our kids to feel comfortable in their own skins and be confident in new and challenging situations. We’ll look at opportunities that arise in everyday life where we can apply Tapping to enhance confidence and resilience. The Tapping script we use during this session will be yours to keep.

Week 4:               Counting Your Blessings
When life becomes challenging, it’s easy to fall into habits of self-pity and boredom and generally forget all the wonderful blessings life has for us. Tapping to help us see, with wonder, all the joy and beauty that surrounds us. This a great way to close our series. Again, the Tapping script we use during this session will be yours to keep along with a bonus script: Kids – Tapping for a Great Day.

Can’t make it to a session? No problem – whether you attend live or not, all sessions will be recorded and emailed to you the following day along with the Tapping scripts to support your practice. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit questions via email which Jo & Theresa will endeavour to address during the sessions.

Who are we?
Theresa Virgona and Jo Barker are EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioners who specialise in working with children and adults to resolve emotional stressors and anxieties. As parents and Primary School classroom teachers with over 30 years experience, Theresa and Jo bring a shared wisdom of how emotional, mental and lifestyle stressors can impact a child’s learning, sense of belonging and emotional capacity.
Theresa and Jo both reside on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria (Australia). Their interests include travel, gardening, cooking and spending quality time with their families and especially their much loved grandchildren!


Wednesday 6th March 2024
Wednesday 13th March 2024
Wednesday 20th March 2024
Wednesday 27th March 2024


7:45 – 8:45pm AEDT (Melbourne/Sydney) (Find your time zone here.)


$100 AUD

This is incredible value for a 4 week program – for just $25 per session, you receive:

  • A 1 hour session covering a specific theme, including a live Tapping experience;
  • Q&A (questions can be submitted by email beforehand if you can’t attend live);
  • PDF of the Tapping script used during the session;
  • Session replay to download and keep.