Parent Tapping Workshop

Empower your kids (and yourself!) with a simple self-help tool – EFT/Tapping – to give them the confidence and self esteem to face any challenges in their day.

This workshop is designed to assist you with your parenting, equipping you with a scientifically-proven tool to support you in facing challenges big and small.

In this 1 hour video workshop, Jo & Theresa from Tap Happy guide you through the following:

  • What EFT/Tapping is and why it works.
  • A Heart Mind meditation to calm your nervous system.
  • The Tapping Points – where and how to tap specific points on your body.
  • Tap & Breathe – a simple and effective Tapping method you and your kids can do any time, anywhere.
  • Phrasing – adding words to the Tapping process.
  • A guided Tapping experience to support you with your concerns for your child as they start the new school year.
  • Tips for incorporating Tapping into your life to support your parenting.
  • Recommended resources.
  • A guided Tapping experience – Peace Tapping for Kids.

Upon confirmation of your order, you’ll immediately receive a link to download the workshop video to keep.

Note: This is a PARENT workshop. It is designed to assist you in your role as a parent or carer with challenges big and small. As such, this particular workshop is not designed for children.

* Note: Theresa and Joanne discuss the Tapping For Parents program in this workshop. Learn more here.